Agenda for Thursday, April 10

— Go over Paul Wahl interview
— Review Target Field food lab: edits + social media ideas
— Review readings

Lab: experiment with Storify

(Examples of ways publications have used Storify)

Are copy editors still necessary in the editorial process? 
Jay Rosen’s 10 social media tips for journalists 
Washington Post’s social media guidelines
How an Oregon paper used Storify to cover an explosion 


You are charged with applying for the editor position at publication of your choosing or crafting a plan for a new publication.The publication must have a print and web component.

In four pages, I want you to detail your attributes as an editor and propose a plan for changing the editorial/digital direction of the publication or, if you are creating a new publication, defining your niche and scope as a new publication. In addition to discussing core editorial content and story ideas, you must discuss a strategy for the print product, digital product(s), social media and other marketing strategies. Be as specific as you can with your ideas for the publication. (80 points// due Monday, May 12 at noon. Please e-mail to Sarah McKenzie at


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