Class on Tuesday, April 1

— Continue working on Web page assignment + wrap up InDesign assignment

HOMEWORK for Thursday, April 3:

Takeaways from NICAR conference 
How to DIY your own data journalism project 
Critical thinking 
How editors see news differently from readers 


Class on Thursday, March 27

* Finish up InDesign assignment + review Data Practices Act 

— Review readings + HTML/CSS basics + Web Design Fundamentals video
— Start work on the web page assignment


Create a web page featuring all or one of the stories featured in the print design assignment. Include the following elements on the page:
— Embed a Google map for one of the stories (example: location of Orchestra Hall)
— Include hyperlinks in the stories
** You can use a text editor of your choosing or to create the page (Here’s a quick guide to using Scrollkit)

HERE’s a link to the Journal layout featuring those stories for the InDesign assignment.

InDesign assignment instructions

InDesign assignments (25 points)

— Create a front-page assignment featuring three stories + and at least two photos. Write headlines for the stories, cutlines for the photos and create a flag for the page. The stories should have bylines, too.

— Page size should be legal (with four or five columns)

— Save the page as PDF and send to me when you’re done. 🙂

— You will have time in class March 11 & March 13 to work on this (and after spring break if you need)