Agenda for first day of class: Jan. 21

Greetings students! I’m happy you signed up for Publications Editing. We’re going to have a great semester. Here’s the plan for the first day:

— Introductions // Please comment on this post with the following info: name, year in school, hopes for this course + your dream job
— Review syllabus
— First lab: News U: Cleaning Your Copy


Building a creative news environment can be a matter of routine 
— Editor of the Year
 Five Publishing Predictions for 2014
 Profile on Brian Krebs
 Managing a leap from print to digital


20 thoughts on “Agenda for first day of class: Jan. 21

  1. Hi All. My name is Sarah Brownson. I am a senior this year here at the U working toward hopefully one day becoming a travel/wildlife magazine writer. I’m not really sure what I’m hoping for in the class. Just learning really how to best utilities these digital platforms we’re moving towards and enhancing my writing/editing skills overall.

  2. My name is Eric Best. I’m a senior Journalism and English major. I hope this course offers lessons on industry-focused editing and helps me to become a better editor. I’d like to be a reporter/editor for a newspaper or magazine, working with local politics, projects or opinions.

  3. Kia Farhang, journalism junior. I do a little bit of editing at the Daily and I want this class to help me work on the fundamentals/basics. Dream job: covering courts for the Washington Post.

  4. Hello, my name is David Litin. I am a senior at the U. I am working towards becoming an international reporter specifically focusing on the Middle East. My focus is more on broadcasting. I took this class because I want to become better at self-editing.

  5. The name is Parker Lemke. I am a Junior at the U studying Journalism, though I guess I wouldn’t be in this class if I wasn’t. I am here to sharpen my admittedly lackluster editing skills and learn how to use basic editorial and publishing tools. My dream job is to be an editor for Game Informer magazine, which I feel would be a good fit for me given my strong interests in digital entertainment, movies, comics and animation. I am currently an associate producer at Radio K, working on its Culture Queue programming block. Tune in at 6:00 p.m. every Sunday for the best arts and culture show in the Twin Cities.

  6. Hi, I am Ji Un Kim. I am a senior. I don’t have experience in magazine writing and editing. I would like to learn the basics of magazine editing and Indesign skills. My dream job is a documentary director.

  7. Hi,
    My name is Hilary Gibney. I am a senior here at the U and I am excited to be having my last first day of school. During this course, I really hope to improve my writing and editing skills. My dream job would be a publisher for a lifestyle or fashion magazine.

  8. Hi everyone, my name is Rebekah Ellis, and I’m a senior. I hope this class helps me develop editing skills, and I also hope to learn more about editing as a career– specifically what is expected from the editor in a newsroom. I think I’d love to work in news/magazine editing, and I’m hoping this class helps me decide if this is something I do want to pursue.

  9. Cody Nelson
    My main goal for the class is to learn software programs to design/edit pages for online and print.
    My dream job is to be editor of a newspaper’s politics desk.

  10. Hi everybody! My name is Kelley Carlson, and I’m a senior (finally!). I’m really excited to be in this course because editing is something that I’m interested in pursuing as a career. Also, I’m admittedly digitally-challenged, so working on anything “techie” will definitely help me come out of my shell. As far as a dream job goes, I honestly don’t know exactly what I want to do after I graduate – possibly write/edit for political publications or organizations? I really want to find a career that helps people and makes me feel like I’m making a difference in whatever capacity that takes me.

  11. My name is Clint Santo. I am a currently a junior. I am interested in music, movies, entertainment in general, men’s interest, etc. It’s still a bit vague but I’ll narrow my focus eventually. I wanted to take an editing class because I don’t have any serious editing skills and it seems like a useful skill for a journalist to have. At this point if I get any kind of writing job I’ll be happy but I would like to do magazine writing.

  12. Hello, my name is Kate LeRette. I am a junior/senior, as I will be graduating a semester early. By the end of this class I am hoping to gain the necessary skills to help me obtain my dream job as a fashion editor for a fashion magazine.

  13. My name is Lyra and I am a junior. My hope for this course is to learn more about design and visual editing because I don’t have any experience with those things. My dream job would be writing about politics or travel.

  14. Hey guys. My name is Christopher Aadland. Some people call me CJ, so if that rolls off the tongue better you can call me that. I am a junior here at the U double majoring in Journalism and American Indian Studies. After I graduate I hope to work my up to writing about the environmental and American Indian issues. I’m new to editing and I’m not sure what to expect from this class, but I hope that it adds to the skills I gain here at the SJMC.

  15. Hi everyone, my name is Wendy Lu. I am a senior at the U and want to become a creative writer in the future. I am interested in developing editing and designing skills.

  16. Hi everyone. I’m Alyssa Noel. I’m a senior double majoring in French/Italian and Journalism. I’ve interned with a couple of travel publications, and am currently an editor for one of them, so I’m hoping to learn skills applicable to my internship and future jobs. I’m a total nerd for National Geographic, and would definitely cry fat tears of joy if I had the opportunity to write for that publication.

  17. Hi there! My name is Nate Gotlieb and I am a senior journalism student at the U. I have taken a variety of courses but I am mainly focusing on writing. My career goal is to become a Major League Baseball reporter for Sports Illustrated. I hope to become a better self-editor, become more confident with AP style and learn the basics of news designing in this class.

  18. My name is Jie(Holly) Yin. I am a senior majoring in journalism. There is not specific things that I want to learn from this class, but hopefully I will learn a little more about digital publishing. My dream job is to become an editor for The Economics magazine.

  19. Hello. My name is Colette Bell and I am a senior majoring in journalism and minoring in theatre arts. I am excited to get a different perspective on writing and digital media. I think it will be beneficial to use the editing skills I learn in this course to critique my own work before it reaches an editor’s desk. My dream job is to be a television or film producer some day!

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