Class cancelled today, Jan. 30

Greetings students:

I’ve decided to cancel class today because of the rough road conditions. See you all next week. Your homework for the weekend is posted on the previous post I created for today’s class. I’ll be sending along a lab assignment with more detailed instructions later today.

πŸ™‚ Sarah


Agenda for Thursday, Jan. 30

β€” Review Mpls data lab
β€” Go over readings
β€” Lab: editing assignment


β€” Steve Buttry wants to change how you work
β€” The newseconomics of why everyone seems to be starting a news site
β€” How San Diego reporters covered a scandal while staying seated
β€” Learning from prize-winning journalism
β€”Β Homicide Report is an interactive map that tells a story
β€”Β Verification HandbookΒ 

(*** Cool Open Data event on Feb. 10 at downtown Mpls CoCo.)

Class on Tuesday, Jan. 28

β€” Review Thursday’s lab assignment
β€” Review readings + NewsU lab (revision strategies)
β€” Lab: editing activity (mining data for stories)

** Ask an editor assignment


β€” Why we are living through a new golden age of journalism
Β Will social media really kill journalism?
Β Ezra Klein is joining Vox Media as web journalism asserts itself
Β @webjournalist on how he builds his personal brand

Agenda for first day of class: Jan. 21

Greetings students! I’m happy you signed up for Publications Editing. We’re going to have a great semester. Here’s the plan for the first day:

β€” Introductions // Please comment on this post with the following info: name, year in school, hopes for this course + your dream job
β€” Review syllabus
β€” First lab:Β News U: Cleaning Your Copy


β€” Building a creative news environment can be a matter of routineΒ 
β€”Β Editor of the Year
β€”Β Five Publishing Predictions for 2014
β€”Β Profile on Brian Krebs
β€”Β Managing a leap from print to digital